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Janet Jackson- Au’Naturale??

” Janet cut her hair ” , “Janet shaved her head”

….. errrrr……. SHE TOOK HER WEAVE OUT!!!!!!!! .
I can see where some tapering and edging was done- BUT she didn’t do the bc ( big chop)- she let go of her infamous long flowing weave.. She isn’t rocking this short crop gelled back boyish style. My two cents-If you re gonna wear a natural- ROCK IT!!!!!! I see a haute faux hawk, straw set, spikes on the top, soft waves on the side, some kind of hair accessories ( funky flower, decorative pin) or go a little shorter and rock it low and tight- BUT please don’t dis respect the natural by just slicking your hair back appearing as if you just didn’t know what else to do.. 😮

Tell Me: What do you think of Jackson’s shorter look?

5 thoughts on “Janet Jackson- Au’Naturale??”

  1. personally i didnt see anything wrong with how she wore her hair. and i am surprised to see you dissing it. *shrugs* each there own..i personally dont care how she wears her hair.pheonix phire

  2. Girl people get mad when you say something about Janet. I said the same thing, Whats the big deal? She took her weave out! why does that make people mad? Its the truth. Blog On!Peace

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