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December 5, 2011 by The Lupie Chick

Breakthrough Hair Color System Your Salon Doesn’t Want You to Know About!They may be a young company in the hair care arena, but is already ruffling the feathers of stylists across the country.

Professional haircolor, customized just for you, delivered to your home eSalon has one mission–to deliver affordable custom haircolor to your door. We’ve built an expert team and state-of-the-art color lab dedicated to making it easy, convenient and inexpensive for you to have the beautiful hair color you desire. Every time.

Customized color by experts based on your hair profile The process starts with our online hair profile. It is a custom built set of questions formulated by our colorists based on their years of expertise working at salons in Beverly Hills, New York and Paris. In just a few minutes, you will complete the online hair profile providing us all the information needed to prepare a formula that is matched to your hair characteristics. Whether you’re looking to completely disguise your roots or go for a new look altogether, eSalon will create the right formulation just for you.

Each order is individually formulated, bottled, and shipped from our Los Angeles color lab within two business days of your order. With eSalon you can achieve your envisioned haircolor at minimal cost and maximum convenience.

Quality product
In addition to being customized for you, eSalon uses the same high quality dyes mixed in high-end salons. This means superior gray coverage and rich, vibrant haircolor. We offer permanent and demi-permanent (ammonia free) haircolor, and our dyes include ingredients such as vitamin E, B5 and aloe vera to help condition your hair. We make sure your hair looks great and stays healthy.

Ease of Use
Unlike the one-size-fits-all instructions included with retail hair dyes, your eSalon package includes individualized instructions specific to your coloring process. In short, we remove any guess work out of coloring your hair at home. Plus, unlike many salons we’re easy to contact if you have any questions.

Convenience Apart from the obvious benefit that you never have to leave your house (not even to purchase the product), we also maintain your profile in our system along with any changes you make along the way so that each time you reorder or alter your previous color, we’ll work with what you already have instead of starting from scratch.

Affordability As low as $19.95 per application, our price is competitive with retail store hair dyes, yet you get a customized coloring formula, industry-grade dye, and the haircoloring expertise found only in salons. Finally, you can get professional quality, customized haircolor without breaking the bank and without the hassle of making appointments at the salon.

Want to learn more?
The best way to understand eSalon’s service is to give it a try. And with their newest offer, eSalon is making it easy for first time customers. New clients can get a complete personal profile and color kit for just $4.95 s&h, plus a full money-back guarantee.

Click here for more information and to get in on this special offer.


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