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Today is my Birthday- I’m Fierce, Fabalous, and FORTY!!!!

Today I turned the big 4-0- yep- I’m 40 years old today. I must say that I’m proud of who I’am and my accomplishments. As with alot of people life and situations crept in and took me on a different path than the one I had set out for myself. I’ve been told a hundred times, your path and destiny has been pre determined-EVERYTHING that has happen in my life WAS SUPPOSE TO HAPPEN! ( including having Lupus).

I have 3 beautiful children, a beautiful grandson, husband and family that love me FAULTS AND ALL ( praise and testimony moment). I have a loving mother that blessed me with life and made many sacrifices to bring me to where I’am today.

The days leading up to my birthday I had time to reflect. I’ve noticed that I’ve become a “creature if habit”. Which is neccessary in some suitations, but not every suitation.

I had several conversations about some of the things I’d dreamt of doing. My homeboy ( Malik) told me ” you’re never too old to live out your dreams”. The only thing or person stopping you from living out your dreams are Y-O-U! I knew that, but hearing that, at that moment hit home. It was my ” ah-ha” moment.

Ya’ll know I posses alot of talent and sometimes my plate runneth over because I’m always doing something..lol..lol.. After giving it much thought- I realize that I had ALOT of things I wanted to do. Some simple, others more complex. Here is what I came up with, in no particular order of importance:

1. Bring awareness to Lupus
2. Launch my lupus foundation
3. Sponsor a awareness walk for Lupus
4. Make a family recipe book
5. Write more personal letters and create personalized cards
6. Establish a holiday tradition (Thanksgiving, Christmas, 4th of July) with my grandson

7. Learn to crochet
8. Learn a foreign language ( specifically Spanish)
9. Wear more skirts and dresses
10. Take a cruise
11. Take a once in a lifetime trip. (Africa, Italy, Spain, Rome, or Greece)
12. Grow a veggie garden (those who know me will attest that this will be a very big challenge. I have black thumbs).
13. Have 12 hours of good sleep.
14. Read a whole book – one a month for a year.
15. Go to a cooking class with the hubby
16. Eat vegetarian for a week.
17. Tell the people who mean the most to me that I love them more often.
18. Renew my wedding vows in a destination ceremony
19. Find the perfect little black dress
20. Get back to a healthier weight (under 200 lbs) and fitness level (strength building).
21. Wear a bikini – and look fantabulous in it!
22. Have a “true” emergency fund.
23. Declutter and live a simpler lifestyle.

24. Bi-Monthly massages and facials ( more pamper me days)
25. Take my multivitamins every single day without missing (at least for a month).

26. Run (rather, walk/jog) a (5K) marathon
27. Start using coupons more
28. Have a thriving side hustle that will move me towards my goal of financial independence.
29. Go to New York City and be a complete tourist
30. Get a Mac (computer)
31. Take more walks
32. Learn to bake
33. Watch less TV
34. Attend Essence Music Festival
35. Pay off my car(s) ( and don’t buy another one)
36. Sing a karaoke song ( alone)
37. Get a bikini wax
38. Go on a no soda challenge for a month
39. Learn how to calm down
40. Visit a new east coast state
41. Attend a runway fashion show at Fashion Week
42. Try something new at my favorite restaurant
43. Go fishing ( catch, cook, and eat the fish)
44. Go to a concert ( the one and only concert I ever attend was New Edition – I was 13 yrs old)
45. Wardrobe haul ( only keep clothing and shoes that I actually wear)
46. Take a pole dance class
47. Learn how to mediate
48. Do a burlesque photo shoot
49. Trace my family roots ( ancestry)
50. Reconnect with my faith (attend church regularly)

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve”

I considered while writing my list is that each task/goal should be SMART. You’ve probably heard that acronym before – it stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timed.

Specific is what it is – you must be able to say exactly what you want to do. For instance, with #8, I didn’t just say that I want to learn a foreign language; I specifically said that I want to learn Spanish

Measurable means that the goal must be something that can be quantified or tracked. Some of my goals are rather vague – for example #50 – I said that I want to go to church “regularly”. What is regularly? That won’t mean the same thing to everyone. However, I couldn’t go much further with that. I didn’t want to say every Sunday or every Wednesday because I don’t know when I will go.

If something is attainable, that means that it’s possible. All of the things I’ve listed here are within reach. I may have to work hard to make them happen, but they are all within reach.

Relevancy is subjective. What’s relevant to me may not be relevant to you. However, all of my goals are VERY relevant to me.

Timed goals are set into a time box of sorts. All of these goals, I want to achieve by the age of 45. There’s my time box.

I am looking at turning 40 as my new lease on life. I’m a little bit older, a whole lot wiser and most definitely, sexier!!! Does this mean that I am officially a “grown-up?” LOL!!!

Life Really Does Begin at 40!

So, what’s on your list? How are you holding yourself accountable?

7 thoughts on “Today is my Birthday- I’m Fierce, Fabalous, and FORTY!!!!”

  1. Happy Birthday Ms Sixx! You look fantabulous! Today is also my Li'l Bit's birthday, something so precious about Libra ladies. I am absolutely in love with your list. I think everyone can take a few things away from this post. And as a mother also living with Lupus, I applaud your go-get-itness and positivity. I know it is not always easy, but you always seem to do it with a smile. To many more years!

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