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Monistat or Neosporian for hair growth??

Last night on Twitter as part of Natural Sunday’s- we were discussing un orthodox methods of hair growth. I found out that women are applying miconazole nitrate to their scalp to encourage hair growth. Do you know where you get this substance from? You get it from products like Monistat and Neosporin AF. Whaaat?! That’s what I said too. Vagistat is used to control skin fungus around the vagina area. Neosporin AF is more commonly used for athletes foot. This is an underground treatment women use that is all the rave on hair care forums. I have seen progress picture after progress picture showing hair growth. Along with giving the hair some thickness. There isn’t any experimental proof besides what women have reported on their own accounts at various hair forums. Also FDA has not approved it for hair growth. Some swear that using miconazole nitrate will grow your hair faster. MN use on the scalp is said to have began when women have reported seeing hair growth on the vagina area with the use of this antifungal medicine and someone decided to put it on their scalp.

Be careful the Neosporin AF and some of the Monistat brands contain Mineral Oil (all except Monistat 3 or 7). If you’re going to try it many people suggest using 2% Miconazole Nitrate (check the main ingredient) and make sure you’re buying Neosporin AF as it is different from regular NEOSPORIN (it’s in blue packaging, used to treat athlete’s foot). There’s also Feet Accompli, it claims to be the Ultimate Antifungal Pedicure Cream. It contains the 2% Miconazole Nitrate but also has Aloe Vera, Shea Butter, and Vitamin E. It’s also $34 a tube. I did some research is basically my run down of Miconazole Nitrate.

THE GOOD (According to people that use it)

*Grows hair long
*Grows hair quick
*Can be mixed with oils
*Can be applied daily for optimal results
*Reduces Shedding


*No scientific evidence to support the safety of using on scalp
*Kind of expensive
*Embarrassing to buy
*Cannot be used by anyone pregnant/expecting


Some have claimed it caused them untolerable headaches (most GENERIC BRANDS except *Family Dollar brand)
*Others claim it’s more of a scalp movement than a headache and it’s not that bad
*Grows hair so fast that it’s scary with some users experiencing as much as 1″ of *growth per month
Article courtesy of Mane & Chic

Don’t you use this unless you have done your own research or asked a physician. Don’t go telling people I told you to try this. If you have tried this or had success with other growth aids, leave a comment and let me know how it turned out for you.

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