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I’m Just Saying- Stay Outta My Product Stash

Have you caught your spouse or significant other using your beauty products? I’ve offered to make my husband his own stash of skin products, but he usually say ” that stuff is for women…I’m good” – but I’ve caught him like a thief in the night, sneaking to use my Lemon Sugar Shea Butter, Citrus Body Scrub,and Facial Cleansing Oil.. He has even dipped into my daughters stash.. What irks me more is that he take “clumps” out of my butter and leave “dents” in my perfectly smooth, rounded out butter ( ok.. I have a OCD- I like stuff a certain way). I’m just saying.. I’ll make you some- as much as you want- BUT PULEEZE stay outta my stash 😮

Vent over..

3 thoughts on “I’m Just Saying- Stay Outta My Product Stash”

  1. lmao! Love it! I know what you mean. I tend to like oils. They are light and give your skin a bit of shine and glow. Tell me why I couldn't find my essential oil? Because he had it in his bag. lol

  2. Carmen.. He swear he dont use it.. BUT the kids sold him out- they were tired of getting blamed for it!!!! When I asked him why do he smell like lemons- all he could say was " I dont know"?? liar..liar..pants on fire 🙂

  3. Ha!! funny.. My hubby always asking me If I'm into Wicken cause I'm always mixing something. But yet he always ask me what should he put on his sking and hair. Informing me that we have not coconut oil upstairs.. or my skin is dry.. give me some of your " brew" MEN!!!

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