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Demo: Nappy Loc Tool latch hook method of retighning loc’s

Ive been hearing about the nappy loc tool… wondering if it would help me. You know I have a battle with the frizzies, and my loc’s un winding after a few days. I’m thinking about ordering the tool and trying it during my next loc maintenance. Hopefully this method will help with the loose roots, stray hairs and the frizzies.. Ive also heard the buzz about using a latch hook- but from the video Ive seen the tool can get caught in your hair- something I’m not trying to experience especially since I’m tender headed.. Have any of you tried latching using the nappy loc tool or a latch hook? watch the video and let me know what you think…..
** video courtesy of dynamic Runner**

4 thoughts on “Demo: Nappy Loc Tool latch hook method of retighning loc’s”

  1. I am thinking about buying it also. I have seen similar videos and it looks pretty good. I just find it a little absurd that the tool is $8 for shipping something that weighs less than an ounce…but, hey…I'm about to order it;)

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