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How to Score Free Samples and Great Deals

The good news is that the economy is starting to show signs of improvement. The bad news is that for most of us things are still tight and saving money is as important as ever. With that in mind I have decided to find the best deals in beauty right now. This list is just a sample of all the wonderful deals to be had. You can find deals everywhere from your local drugstore to your favorite beauty counter. You can get buy one get one deals, 30% of your favorite products and even some totally free samples. I was actually surprised by how many deep discounts I was able to take advantage of. The deals are there you just have to know where to look.

Deals and Free Samples:

Perfect Results Moisturizing Shampoo: Try this moisturizing shampoo free of charge by going to the website — Then click on the “Try for Free” link and fill in your info for a free sample to be sent to your address.

Aveda Lavish Hand Cream: Get a free sample of Aveda’s Lavish Hand Cream for joining their birthday club. Go to A great way to get your hands on something free.

Go to your favorite counter at your local department store and ask about getting your makeup done. Services run from free to the cost of buying some products. Every company is different but you might be able to get a professional makeup job if you buy a lipgloss or even free.

Who doesn’t want to block humidity? Well now is your chance to check out a sample of Joico’s Humidity Blocker. You can get a free sample at Easy as that.
Top of the line skincare products usually cost an arm and a leg. Now you can get samples from a leader in the skin care industry Perricone MD. You can go to to register to test and review skincare product samples.

Check out your local beauty college. Many offer low cost services on everything from manicures to hair cuts. Of course the services will be done by the students so you might not want to get a major style but for a wash and blow dry it might be worth checking out.

Go to to check out this amazing sample deal. Right now you can get a free new 10-day sample Bare Escentuals Matte Foundation and Mini Brush.
You can register to be a product tester for some nail products. Nailene has amazing nail products and you can get some products to test for free. Just go to

Dove Skincare products are great for the skin. If you don’t know about them yet you can check them out for free at Even when the products aren’t free they are still a really good deal.
Feet Dry? If so check out this free sample from Kersal. Just go fill out your information here and receive Kerasal Skin Care products for the cost of a self addressed stamped envelope.

Elasta QP and Profectiv: Who doesn’t want to try before you buy and especially from tried and trusted brands. Both Elasta QP and Profectiv offers free samples for those interested in checking out the brand’s products before they drop the bucks. Get your samples here and here.

And always ask about samples and discounts whenever you get a service done or buy something. You never know what type of deal you can get.

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