Glossary Of Terms And Acronyms The Nappturality Way

Have you ever logged onto a hair care forum and was lost with all the acronyms and abbreviations? Well damn it, when I first took an interest into natural hair care, I read several blogs, and hair care forums- and my immediate reaction was ” what in da h$$ are they talking about??” ( in my madea voice) lol..lol..lol.. to help all of you out below is a glossary of terms you may come across. ** Shouts to Nappturality for providing this list**

Hair Related

BAA – Big A$$ Afro

BC – Big Chop – i.e. cutting off all your chemically treated hair

Blow out – blow dry

EVOO – extra virgin olive oil (yeah the one from the grocery store)

nappyversary – the anniversary of the day you became a natural
napptural – means natural if you still have permed ends (even a 1/2 “) you aren’t there yet. Your state of mind may contribute to your level of nappturalness too.

Scab hair – when u first go natural, you hair has sometimes been affected by the relaxer that has seeped into the follicle. scab hair is dry, crispy sometimes, and doesnt repond to products, usually needing to be deep conditioned more and eventually trimmed off

TWA – teeny weeny afro (some say “teeny weeny afro” some say “TWA”)

twist out – two strand twist, dry, loosen, finger comb to style

PHHB = Panty Hose Head Band

The kitchen area – the back of your hair towards the nape of your neck…

Transitioning – period of time since last relaxer before going natural. Transitioners count from the date of their last chemical treatment.

CNAPP – someone with napps that feel like cotton


No Poo – washing with conditioners

CO – Condition Wash/No-Poo

DC – deep condition


ACV rinse – apple cider vinegar rinse–diluted to about 1:10 vinegar to water (or some variation)

eo – essential oil

DDTA – Daily Defense Tender Apple Conditioner

MA – Mane Attraction (Products by Seoul)

SK – Sun Kissed (product by Seoul)

poo bar – shampoo bar

AVG – aloe vera gel
CDHHBCarol’s Daughter Healthy Hair Butter

EVOO – Extra Virgin Olive Oil

CON Crème of Nature

FOEAVG – Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera Gel

RMEO – rosemary essential oil

OO – olive oil

Creamy Crack – Relaxer

PJ – Product Junky

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